walk in the park a walk in the park w/ #FredAndEthyl

The warm weather on Sunday was perfect for a walk in the park. It was the culmination of a super-snuggly weekend with Fred & Ethyl. From these pics, they look so lazy. But hey...they ARE professionals!

walk in the park 2

Sunbather Bear Snuggle in the Sun 2

Who can resist a soft bed and a warm sunbeam?

Lounging with Daddy Arguing w/ Ethyl 1

Lounging with Daddy is always fun. He might reach down and pet you. Ethyl knows just where to be so that his hand will naturally fall into place to pet her. She adjusts for maximum petability. Of course, sometimes he teases her. But its worth it for all that love.

Arguing w/ Ethyl 2 Arguing with Ethyl 3

is it TIME?? are you SURE!!!??? a warm place

As spokesdog for the team, Fred starts checking early for dinnertime. It's not until 6pm, but he starts bugging me by 5pm. He forgot about Daylight Savings Time. Afterwards, we usually eat and even though they have had their dinner, the kids hang out just in case we drop something yummy. Of course, in the winter the kitchen floor can be chilly...so we need to make sure our butts are on the rug!

new mask - puppy tasted couch testers 2

i got a new CPAP mask on Friday. Fred had to test it out to ensure it was up to standard. Two licks and i had his "Slobber of Approval". On Saturday, the kids had to test the new leather sofa we got. It's not as deep as the current one, so they had to adapt their snuggle patterns to the available space - the sign of true professionals!

Couch Testers

good pillow 1

And in the end, humans make damn good pillows.

good pillow 2