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MoBot Orchid 2015-037

This past weekend (and on-going now) we went to the annual Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO, otherwise known as "Shaw's Garden". The whole setup was really amazing this year with not just the flowers, but the settings as well. i put my set of 73 pics up on flickr for your dining and dancing pleasure. Who doesn't love pretty flowers.

Fun fact: Orchids require a 15-degree F temperature difference between day and night to bloom which is why they usually bloom in the winter. i did not know that!

MoBot Orchid 2015-043 MoBot Orchid 2015-024 MoBot Orchid 2015-045

MoBot Orchid 2015-071 MoBot Orchid 2015-058


another daddy...er, train show. mere minutes later this was wall-to-wall

We went out to St Charles - right-wing territory - to attend the "Great Train Show" which is a travelling show that actually tours. We decided to start at the back instead of the front as usual and it was pretty good since soon, it was wall-to-wall people. Personally, i don't think it's all that great. A little larger than usual, maybe, but their prices aren't that great and a lot of the same thing. It could be that we really have all the things we need (ok, Matt does...but he's sucking me into it). Oh well, some fun stuff and lotsa eye candy and a good morning out.

being there


a standing-O for Barry-O!! #stateoftheunion #SotU #ObamaRocks #FuckRepublicanObstructionists!

"Here's to You, Mr. President!"

Last night was President Obama's 7th State of the Union address. He listed all of the things that have been accomplished in the last 7 years in spite of obstructionist republicans who have said from Day 1 that there number one goal was to make him fail. Instead, we've got the best economy in ten years - in spite of the bank disaster, Wall St is booming, business is up, stocks are thru the roof, gas is dirt cheap, unemployment is way down - lowest since the '90s, people have health insurance and it hasn't made the world bankrupt. All in all, he's done everything and it's turned out the opposite of what they said would happen. He's the world's WORST socialist.

It was a great speech with great ideas and several flip-offs to the republicans. His best one showed how he can handle their shit with aplomb. Here is from an article in 'Business Insider':
"I have no more campaigns to run," Obama said, attempting to proceed to the next sentence.

However, Republicans saw a chance to snark on the president, and they seemed to deliver a relatively thunderous round of applause for the comment. Obama fired back with an impromptu line that got even more positive howls of support from Democratic lawmakers present.

"I know because I won both of them," he quipped.

After pausing for several seconds to embrace the support, Obama then returned to his prepared remarks.

*mike drop*

i love this man. The next two years are going to be exciting indeed. But let's face it. If it doesn't happen this year, it ain't happening. Nothing is happening next year but the elections. THAT is another story.

walk in the park a walk in the park w/ #FredAndEthyl

The warm weather on Sunday was perfect for a walk in the park. It was the culmination of a super-snuggly weekend with Fred & Ethyl. From these pics, they look so lazy. But hey...they ARE professionals!

walk in the park 2

the Kings of Snuggling...cut for length and excessive cuteness.Collapse )

And in the end, humans make damn good pillows.

good pillow 2


the welcoming committee greeted me with open paws! #FredAndEthyl make Thursdays my fave day of the week!

Matt was out when i got home last Thursday, but the welcoming committee greeted me with open paws! my little babies, Fred & Ethyl, make Thursdays my fave day of the week! Oh, OK, Matt does too, but he makes EVERYday happy. And i was happy to see the xmas lights still there. It was really cold, so they didn't come down and i got to enjoy them one more time. Alas, the unseasonably warm weather on Saturday and Sunday - sunny and in the 50s - made it an opportunity to take down the outdoor xmas decorations that we couldn't pass up. And they came down a LOT quicker than they went up. In less than 45 minutes, they were all down, packed up in the plastic tubs and relegated to the shed out back to await the passing of the next 10 months. *sigh*

earlier, in the front yard... bringing down the lights


my name is Elmer J Fudd...
photo credit kiwi59

"...my name is Elmer J. Fudd. i'm a MILlionaire! i own a mansion and a yacht."

storytime on a chilly sunday

The kids were only mildly interested in the story i was reading to them. Ethyl is looking at my like "if I feign attention, maybe he'll pet me or give me a snack." Fred has pretty much checked out all together.


red & teal #fatboyfashion #braces #jugwine

It's not always easy for fatboys like me to find decent clothes that a)fit and b)don't look like a tent.

cut for length...and some boxer shortsCollapse )

the sun is not much more than a decorative object today #cold #freezing

i haven't kept up my commitment to post more this year. Seems i blew all of last week. But it was cold. Really cold! Of course, the same could be said for most of the continental US east of the Rockies, so that's no excuse. But yeah, the sun was more of a "decorative object" than a source of warmth.

obligatory "fuck-it-was-cold-today" shot. and this was before is got REALLY cold!

Of course, i could have predicted that. Hertz gave me a convertible! Which ensured it would be the coldest week of the year. They gave me a Camaro convertible last winter and same thing - snow, ice and bitter cold. But who knew that a convertible in the winter would be practical?</p>

winter convertible

A Convertible In Winter - cut for size, totally SFWCollapse )


holidays are over...back at it again

...back at it again. i need that routine. i don't "vacation" well.

Don't you just love leftovers from New Years Eve? I got a head start and drank more than I did Wednesday evening! Cheers!


it was the fall 2001; i introduced Matt to my family at my niece's wedding; it'll be nice that they will finally get to come to ours. That will be in July after 14 years together.


there's a good reason i'm not allowed to go to the grocery alone; there is no reason a pound of hamburger should cost $46.28.

"Children may not obey...But children will listen."#FredandEthyl didn't go with us to see "Into The Woods", but it was amazing! (Full disclosure: we had never seen it before.)


A test of the new app. Maybe it will be easy enough to get me to start using this again.


here's your #stopdropandselfie; but seriously i post too much as it is  #grumpyoldman #nothavingagoodmonday

There's a new meme going around Instagram called the "stop, drop and selfie" where you are tagged in someone else's selfie and as soon as you see it, you have to stop and drop what you're doing and post a selfie. It's stupid and juvenile and personally i don't call what i do "selfies" (i word i really despise.). Fortunately, you can remove your tag from folks' pics and they won't even know the difference. ("Wha?? i wasn't tagged...") LOL.

feeling dapper on #tietuesday uphill battle


mildly naughty if you look close...flash of rump and general shirtlessnessCollapse )



Last night was rather miserable. i became "that guy" and had a mini-meltdown on the AA flight home from LGA to STL. It was like they were targeting me for additional fuckery just because i was stoopid enough to bemoan the shitty treatment of US Air frequent fliers at the hands of AA. i'm so sick of those lame fucks. Once the deal is totally done, i expect those flights between STL and PHL will dry up. No reason to stay.

coming and going


the stars are out tonight

Not a lot happening. i am trying to start back here. i hope i can keep it and maybe get a little more verbal than the short, twitter-friendly captions that i use on IG. Speaking of which, i need to get my butt in gear and start editing more of my backlogs of pics to post on flickr (and here, of course).

my 60-day exile from FB ends next week. we shall see if they let me have my name back or, at least, correct the spelling of "Willhelm" (sic). [For those not knowing, i got caught up in that whole "your name is not recognized as real" imbroglio and while they SAY that you can use your preferred name now, the fact that i was able to change it to get in at all combined with the "you can only update your name once every 60 days" policy led to my exile. i have a lot of messages there as well as notifications and stuff, but it's a matter of principle.

Maybe i should look. it's rude not too respond to all of those birthday wishes. *sigh*

there in our darkest hour; to all my brothers and sisters, i salute you

there in our darkest hour; to all my brothers and sisters, i salute you.

"Expiration: INDEF" #13yearsago #freedinner #drinkssoldseparately

Has it really been 13 years?


having a wonderful time at Hibearnation! you should come next year!

Hibearnation is always so much fun. And this year, i decided to leave all the traditional "costumes" at home. It was a lot less stressful. Already registered for next year.

if you don't vote, you can't bitch. #electionshaveconseqences

if you don't vote, you can't bitch! #electionshaveconseqences

slightly NSFW for subtle boxer shortageCollapse )

i WAS dressed appropriately for today then realized i had to go to work. oh well...just another day.


all of your movements are known to us

Their eyes are everywhere. We seem to have surrendered our privacy for fun and games. "oh, no one will see any of this...just my friends..." Big Brother is now your bestie. Enjoy.


25000, originally uploaded by wooferSTL.

Can you believe it? i've posted 25,000 pictures to flickr. It's taken a long time, but i don't like to post multiple versions or crap (though i'm sure there is plenty of crap in these files). Lots of bears, lots of speedos, lots of nekkidity. Lots of smiles and a few tears along the way. i hope you have enjoyed my life less ordinary. *hugz*