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here's your #stopdropandselfie; but seriously i post too much as it is  #grumpyoldman #nothavingagoodmonday

There's a new meme going around Instagram called the "stop, drop and selfie" where you are tagged in someone else's selfie and as soon as you see it, you have to stop and drop what you're doing and post a selfie. It's stupid and juvenile and personally i don't call what i do "selfies" (i word i really despise.). Fortunately, you can remove your tag from folks' pics and they won't even know the difference. ("Wha?? i wasn't tagged...") LOL.

feeling dapper on #tietuesday uphill battle

No you definitely don't take selfies. Yours pics are always great. Keep it up.
Good Woofer. Good to see you back posting here