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holidays are over...back at it again

...back at it again. i need that routine. i don't "vacation" well.
(Deleted comment)
woof thank you!
Great pic Woofer.
woof thanx Adam! am turning a new leaf! especially now that I am able to post via this updated app! Back in business!
Beard suits you well
It's a little more manageable now. Was really getting crazy with the full santa. Of course, the contrast is really amped up in this shot and the roots are already starting to show. It may not last the winter. ;-)
Logged on for the first time in ages, and saw the new posts. That is great!
LJ is kind of like the vinyl of websites - cool and retro. It is still my favorite format. I'd love to see it go through a renaissance..
I have to say that the lighting on this shot is stunning. Beautiful work, Woofer.
It is indeed! i need to keep up my commitment. i WILL post more! i just have to kick myself in the ass and do it. i don't have the excuse that i post to FB since i'm not using it anymore. LOL. Of course, that was just x'posted from my IG so...i have to quit being lazy.