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red & teal #fatboyfashion #braces #jugwine

It's not always easy for fatboys like me to find decent clothes that a)fit and b)don't look like a tent.

ready for a few drinks in Southtown... ...or a little of the ol' "ultraviolence." You viddy?

Of course, sometimes the "popping out of your longjohns" is a good look. ("You viddy?"). But being ready for a little of the ol' ultraviolence isn't really a good professional appearance to be projecting (even if you'd really like to inflict some UV on their asses!).

reminder to self: donate this shirt to charity. i keep forgetting and end up packing it again. who needs a changing room? it's just shirts. mostly.

Clothes don't last forever, so you have to go shopping. my personal favorite store in the US is JC Penney. They're not perfect, but they tend to be your best bet for finding decent looking clothes for big boys on a budget. Casual Male XL and Big & Tall are nice, but man, do they GOUGE you on the prices. Penney's tried futzing with their pricing model a year or so ago to cut out the coupons and sales, but they realized that they had trained their customers to look for the coupons and sales, so they stayed away until they brought them back. And if you're nice, they usually have a copy of the coupon at the store if you don't have one (rummaging through your phone while they are waiting on you is a good prompt to get that and they want to move you along).

#fatboyfashion / #tietuesday (4 of 4) #fatboyfashion / #tietuesday (3 of 4)

i always try to get stuff that matches. When i pack my bag for the week, i decide if it's a black/blue week (black shoes) or a green/brown week (brown shoes). Everything in my bag goes with everything else. So when i spill shit down the front of my shirt (or a pen leaks - see above), i can pull out a new shirt and throw it on and not look like a total chucklehead. OH, and did i mention the total necessity of having a Tide Pen in your bag? i was skeptical at first, but those suckers WORK!!

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Vertical stripes and designs that are light in the middle and dark on the edges can help with your look. Also, those braces or suspenders add some good vertical lines as do neckties. NOTE: It may surprise you to learn that the differences between braces and suspenders is that braces use buttons and suspenders use clips - which have a tendancy to slip off right when you have your hands full and let your britches fall to the floor.

One more tip: check out thrift shops and second-hand stores. Rich fatboys die too :-( and you can find lots of cool clothes and accessories (those ties and braces, for example) at really good prices.
Looking good as usual Woofer!!!!
Thanx Sean. i'm glad to be getting back over here. Slowly and surely.
("i'm not slow...and don't call me 'Shirley'!")
I dig the argyle.
i'm warming back up to it after being off it for awhile.
Very sharp!
thank You, Sir!
(Deleted comment)
What size does he wear? They had pants going to 54/32.
(Deleted comment)
OH! Don't forget to get COUPONS!!. (Use the code "JANSALE" through Monday!!)